Peoria County Facilities - Updated Mitigation Measures

Updated February 25, 2022

Peoria County facilities are open to the public at this time. As of Monday, February 28, 2022, masks are optional at all Peoria County Facilities except for the Peoria County Jail, Juvenile Detention Center, and Peoria City/County Health Department. Face coverings should still be worn in these facilities at the direction of the Public Health Administrator for the Health Department (healthcare facility), the Sheriff for the Jail (congregate living), and the Chief Judge for the JDC (congregate living).

Chief Judge Katherine Gorman has issued an administrative order, allowing mask wear to be optional in all courtrooms in the circuit:

Keep in mind that many departments have developed alternative means to an in-person interaction to assist the public with their County business. You may be able to complete your business without having to make a trip.