CodeRED Alerts


The City and County of Peoria have implemented an Emergency Notification System. In the event of an emergency, this high-speed notification system is capable of delivering pre-recorded messages to as many as 50,000 citizens an hour. Depending on the nature of the emergency, the system can target a specific geographical area or the entire County. The system will deliver notifications to telephones and leave a message if necessary; it can also send a text message to a wireless phone.

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The system may be used for missing persons, evacuations, hazardous chemical spills, large fires, flooding, snow, hostage or police emergencies or other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification to the public is essential. To participate, you will be asked to provide your basic contact information including your name, address, primary and/or secondary phone number and your email address if desired. Your information will remain completely private and will only be made available to notify you of critical situations.

Please use the Emergency Notification form to sign up your wireless or landline phone to receive these important messages.