Report Animal Bites

To report an animal bite, please call the police department at 911 or Peoria County Animal Protection Services (PCAPS) at 309-672-2440.

Anytime an animal bites a human, state law requires it is reported to animal control or the police department. Each complaint must be investigated to ensure that the animal does not have rabies.

Steps After a Bite

If you are bitten by an animal, act immediately. Wash the wound and seek medical care. Have someone confine or keep track of the animal and call the police department at 911 or PCAPS at 309-672-2440 as soon as possible. If that isn't possible, report the bite to PCAPS or the police department including:

  • The description of the animal such as type or breed, color, size/weight, sex, and tag number
  • The last known location of the animal
  • The name and address of the owner if known

If Your Pet Bites Someone

  • Confine your pet immediately and check on the victim's condition. If necessary, get medical help.
  • Provide the victim with important information such as the date of your pet's last rabies vaccination and your pet's history (has he or she ever bitten anyone before?).
  • Report the bite to Peoria County Animal Protection Services or the police department. Keep your pet confined until the authorities contact you about quarantine. If your animal is not vaccinated against rabies; do not have your pet vaccinated until you receive instructions.
  • Consult your veterinarian or an animal trainer or behaviorist for practical advice that will help you prevent such problems in the future.

Even if an attack can be explained (the pet was scared, the child stepped on the pet's tail, the pet is afraid of people in uniform), it can rarely be excused. If your pet shows serious aggression that professional help cannot cure, do not give the pet to someone else - least of all, someone who wants a "mean" pet. Pets obtained for purposes that make aggression a "desirable" trait almost invariably lead miserable lives. They are also likely to attack someone else in the future. Giving your pet away will only perpetuate the problem. And, you could be liable if your pet bit another person after you've given it away. If you feel you must give up your pet, call Peoria County Animal Protection Services.