Statement of Economic Interests

Special Notice

As of January 3, 2023, our hours of operation for in-person customers will change. Our new office hours will be 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. 

Revised Form Questions

Effective for 2022, a law passed revising the questions asked on the form. The law also created several definitions for terms used throughout the form that are important to review before filing. For example, the definition of “assets” includes several exemptions and is defined as:

An item that is owned and has monetary value. Assets include, but are not limited to: stocks, bonds, sector mutual funds, sector exchange traded funds, commodity futures, investment real estate, beneficial interests in trusts, business interests, and partnership interests. Assets do not include: personal residences; personal vehicles; savings or checking accounts; bonds, notes, or securities issued by any branch of federal, state, or local government; Medicare benefits; inheritances or bequests, other than beneficial interests in trusts; diversified funds; annuities; pensions (including government pensions); retirement accounts; college savings plans that are qualified tuition plans; qualified tax-advantaged savings programs that allow individuals to save for disability-related expenses; or tangible personal property.

To view a full listing of all definitions (including debts, income, etc.), see Article 1 of the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act (5 ILCS 420).

File Online!

Individuals can now file online at: Statement of Economic Interest Program

Website filing is available for individuals required to file, candidates, and newly appointed officials.

A video explaining the website filing process is available at: Creating Account and Filing (YouTube video)

Search Online

Starting in 2019, all statements filed in the county clerk’s office are available for viewing online at: Statement of Economic Interest Program. This includes statements filed on paper. Addresses and signatures are redacted, as required by state law.

Governing Body List

All governing bodies in Peoria County are required to submit a list of individuals required to file a statement by February 1st each year. To enter your list of names online, log into the Statement of Economic Interest Program. If your contact person needs changed, please contact the county clerk’s office at 309-672-6059 or by email.

A video explaining how to add your entity’s list of names is available at: Board Clerk SEI Guide (YouTube video)

General Information

Persons required to file a Statement of Economic Interests (PDF) include all elected and appointed officials and local government employees who have authority to authorize the expenditure of public funds, execute contracts and issue licenses and permits. The Illinois Attorney General has ruled that lists of required filers must be certified by the local unit of government to the County Clerk for the county where the local unit of government’s principal office is located. All candidates seeking public office must file a current Statement of Economic Interests with the County Clerk in the same year they file candidate’s petitions and attach a receipt for such filings with their petitions. The receipt can be printed when filing online. Original signature forms must be submitted when filing on paper.