Deceased Veterans Services

Deceased Veterans and their families are entitled to certain honors and benefits. Often, families and survivors are not aware of what may be available to them; therefore, we have provided this information and fact sheet to assist you.

  • All honorably discharged Veterans are entitled to an American flag and the rendering of full military honors at the graveside. The flag will be furnished by the funeral director upon being shown proof of an Honorable Discharge. Honors may be rendered by an area Veterans Organization, or Military Reserve Unit from this area, which can be contacted through the funeral director or this office.
  • If a deceased Veteran was receiving a VA pension or VA compensation or passes away at a VA facility Burial Benefits may be available from the Veterans Benefits Administration. If the Veteran was entitled to pension or compensation, or would have been in receipt of compensation but for receipt of military retired pay, funeral and burial expenses in the amount of $300 and an additional plot allowance of $300 is provided if burial is in a private cemetery. If the Veteran died of service connected causes, the allowance is up to $2,000. Claims for these allowances must be filed within 2 years of the date of burial or cremation. The Veteran need only have served 90 days or more. Another benefit for which a surviving widow and/or dependent children may be eligible, if the veteran died as the result of service connected causes or complications there, of is Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC).
  • If a deceased Veteran served during wartime, his surviving spouse may be eligible for a Widow’s Pension depending on current income.
  • The deceased Veteran is also entitled to a free grave marker. Family should contact the cemetery officials to ascertain local rules and installation fees.
  • This office also provides some monetary assistance for the burial of indigent Veterans, in accordance with existing Illinois Revised Statutes. There are several other benefits and entitlements available, dependent on eligibility criteria, which our office can ascertain after receiving all the pertinent information pertaining to the Veteran. We also expeditiously process G.I. insurance claims.

Our office is dedicated to service to veterans and their families. We are professional Veterans Service Officers and are accredited with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Association of County Veterans Service Officers. We are a unit of County Government and there are no charges for our services.

Helpful Resources

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