Protect Your Property from the Hazard

There may be permanent flood protection measures you can do to protect your property.  The simplest action is to keep ditches and storm drains free of debris.  Check that your downspouts drain away from the house or building but not to your neighbor's building.  Some protection measures may need a building permit and others may not be safe for your type of building.  Contact the Planning & Zoning Department before alterations begin.  

  • Install a floor drain plug, standpipe, sewer backup valve, or other mechanism to prevent sewer backup flooding into your building.
  • Check your building for water entry points often at basement windows, doors, and dryer vents.
  • Relocate utilities such as washer, dryer, furnace, water heaters, HVAC equipment above the flood risk.
  • Elevate or remove contents from basements or levels below grade so flood waters cannot damage the contents.
  • Elevate the building so that flood waters do not enter and cause damage.

More Information

More information on ways to protect your property from flooding is available from the following resources

Financial assistance may be available for structure elevation, property demolition and acquisition, property relocation and acquisition, floodproofing of utilities, or floodproofing nonresidential buildings only.  Many funding sources require flood insurance coverage in order to be eligible for assistance. Properties declared substantially damaged are eligible for funds in addition to insurance claims in order to retrofit the structure to meet current floodplain development codes. Elevating or floodproofing utilities may lower insurance premiums resulting in yearly cost savings. Sources of financial assistance include:

Pre-flood Financial Assistance

  • Flood Mitigation Assistance Program
  • Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural  Development grants and loans

Post-flood Financial Assistance

  • Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage
  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
  • U.S. Small-business Administration loan

Please review our Financial Assistance Information (PDF) and contact the Planning and Zoning Department if you are interested in learning more about what financial assistance may be available for you.