Mobile Homes

There are approximately 1,100 mobile homes in Peoria County. In accordance with Illinois law, tax bills are issued to mobile home owners based on the age of the home and the square footage of the home. Failure to pay mobile home taxes could result in a lien being filed against the owner, not the mobile home, with the Peoria County recorder.

Due Date

The due date for the Mobile Home Tax is May 3, 2022

Payment Options

When paying taxes to transfer titles, you must pay by certified check, cashier check, money order or cash.

Assessment Period

Owners of mobile homes on January 1st of each year are responsible for the tax. The tax is computed by multiplying the rate (based on the age of the mobile home) times the square footage.


Each mobile home park owner shall register each mobile home entering such park. Homes not located in a park must be registered with the County Assessor within 30 days of placement.


Senior citizens and disabled person should contact the Office of the Treasurer.

Moving or Selling Mobile Homes

A mobile home may not be moved without a moving permit signed by the County Treasurer. The Secretary of State of Illinois will not transfer title of any mobile home to another party until all the taxes have been certified paid by the County Treasurer.

If a mobile home is sold, transferred, or relocated to a different parcel of land outside of a mobile home park, then the home shall be classified, assessed, and taxed as real property.

Payment of Taxes

Electronic or credit card payment options are not available for mobile home tax payments. Please mail or bring your payment to the Treasurer’s office in the Peoria County Courthouse.

Mobile home taxes are due each year as printed on the bill. Separate the bill at the bottom and return the stub with your payment. 

Please note: if back taxes are due, you must call 309-672-6065 for the correct amount. Incorrect payments will be returned and taxes will remain unpaid.