Tours and Speakers

Facility Tours


Peoria County Courthouse staff are happy to give group tours and coordinate speaker requests. All tours and speakers are subject to staff availability. We suggest inquiring about a tour at least a month out. 

Tours are limited to 1 hour. Courtroom tours and speaking with a judge are limited to select Friday mornings.

Departments within the Courthouse:

  • Courts
  • Auditor's Office
  • Circuit Clerk's Office
  • County Administration and Finance
  • County Clerk's Office
  • Probation and Court Services
  • Planning and Zoning Department
  • Regional Office of Education
  • State's Attorney's Office
  • Supervisor of Assessments' Office and Board of Review
  • Treasurer's Office

Fill out this form to begin, and a member of our communications staff will be in touch:

Coroner's Office

For inquiries about tours at the Peoria County Coroner's Office, please call (309) 669-2000. 

Sheriff's Office

For inquiries about tours at the Peoria County Jail, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (309) 697-8515. 

Peoria City/County Health Department

For inquiries about tours or programs through the Peoria City/County Health Department, please call 309-679-6101.

Speakers Bureau

Looking for a speaker for your group or program? Many of our elected and appointed officials are happy to address your group on any topic related to county government, schedules permitting. Officials will present applicable topics at no cost to your organization. If your meeting falls outside of business hours, we will try to accommodate evening and weekend presentations based on staff availability. 

Suggested Topics

Understanding Law Enforcement: Use of Force, Investigative Processes, and Disciplinary Procedures

Join Chief Deputy Doug Gaa of the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office for a unique look into Law Enforcement Use of Force. Learn what criteria and standards are used to determine whether the force used is reasonable, what Investigative Process are conducted involving Use of Force and Internal Investigations, how complaints against Officers are handled, and detailed procedures involving disciplinary matters.

Situational Awareness: A Life Safety Skill

In a world full of distractions, being situationally aware and attuned to our environment is not always at the forefront of our minds. Join Chief Deputy Doug Gaa of the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office as he walks through the importance of Situational Awareness as it applies to home, public places, suspicious activity, the behaviors of those around us, and making the safest decisions when facing a threat or issue of concern.

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness: Are You Prepared?

While we can never know when or where the next disaster will strike, we can do our best to keep ourselves and our families safe when it does. Join our emergency management experts as they explain the best ways to prepare and protect your family by developing a family emergency plan, identifying points of contact, and creating an emergency preparedness kit so you can be prepared before disaster strikes.

Personal Safety: Don’t Become a Victim

The first step to avoiding becoming a victim is knowing how to protect yourself. The Peoria County Sheriff’s Office Victim Services Coordinator, Aimee Shinall, will explain the best practices in helping to keep your family safe from abusive behaviors, residential burglary, common scams, and more.

Finding Property Information in Peoria County

If you need assistance locating property information, subdivision plats, and maps, Peoria County’s Front Desk map application is available online at no charge. This workshop is designed for both intermediate and advanced computer users interested in finding information within Peoria County such as property characteristics, tax assessments, and residential sales. Interactive maps are also available through the Front Desk map application, including aerial photos, subdivision plats, streets, and topographic maps. Users can access the application on any web browser, mobile device, or computer. Peoria County’s GIS staff will demonstrate how to navigate the map application in this hands-on workshop.

The Basics of Property Assessment: Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

“What the heck is the ‘Pleasure Driveway?’ Why does it look like my house is only worth 1/3 of what I paid for it? What do these abbreviations mean?” If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions while trying to decode your property tax bill, we invite you to join Peoria County Supervisor of Assessments Dave Ryan as he explains how your property is assessed and where your tax dollars go. Learn how property taxes are determined, how levies affect the total amount you owe, when you can appeal your property assessment, and more. (Please note: Assessor's Office Staff are only available from May through mid-August due to annual Board of Review deadlines.)

Peoria City/County Health Department Topics

The Peoria City/County Health Department’s Environmental Health Coordinators offer a variety of educational topics relating to public health and its impact on our community, including:

  • Behind the Scenes of a Restaurant Inspection
  • Basic Food Safety (available in English and Spanish)
  • Food Safety Planning for Large Events
  • A Brief History of Food Safety in the United States
  • Lead Safe Education
  • Getting Your Small Cottage Foods Business Started

Recycling, Composting, and Sustainability Initiatives

Looking to get a commercial recycling program underway? Or, interested in learning how to compost at home? Our Sustainability and Resource Conservation Department can present on many topics, tailored for both commercial and residential needs.

Contact Us

Please contact Gretchen Pearsall, Director of Strategic Communications, at 309-672-6918 or email with questions regarding speakers or program topics.