Executive Committee

Regular Meetings

Please visit the Agenda Center for upcoming meeting details: https://www.peoriacounty.gov/agendacenter


  • James Dillon (Chairperson)
  • Sharon Williams (Vice Chairperson)
  • Jennifer Groves Allison
  • Eden Blair
  • Brandy Bryant
  • Camille Coates
  • Linda Daley
  • Betty Duncan
  • Daniel Kelch
  • Danny Phelan
  • Rob Reneau
  • Steven Rieker
  • Paul Rosenbohm
  • Phillip Salzer
  • Matt Windish

Committee Overview & Responsibilities

The Executive Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to all Standing Committees on the Board. It shall consider and report to the County Board on matters concerning the effective and efficient coordination and operation of all the various elements, programs, and functions of County government and overall policies in the administration of the affairs of the County Board. It shall act as the principal liaison between Peoria County and all other governmental bodies. Intergovernmental agreements, other than grant agreements, will be presented for action to the Executive Committee.

General Duties

The Executive Committee shall be comprised of all Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons of Standing Committees, the Chairperson of the Peoria County Board, and the Vice-Chairperson of the Peoria County Board. The Chairperson of the Peoria County Board shall be the Chairperson of the Executive Committee, and the Vice-Chairperson of the Peoria County Board shall be the Vice-Chairperson of the Executive Committee.

  • It shall enforce the provisions of the Peoria County Administrator Ordinance (Ch. 2 of the Peoria County Code). The Executive Committee shall:
  1. Review and evaluate the Administrator’s performance on at least an annual basis;
  2. Incorporate the goals and objectives of the County Board in the Administrator’s Work Plan;
  3. Be the designated body to recommend to the full Board the proper compensation for the County Administrator;
  4. Be the designated body for the full Board regarding the establishment or modification of the County Administrator’s employment agreement.
  • It shall from time to time review the overall County operation and interdepartmental cooperation and coordination and shall consider and recommend policies that shall contribute to a more efficient performance of the functions of the County government.
  1. It shall review and recommend to the Board the County’s Strategic Plan.
  2. It shall promote intergovernmental cooperation and coordination throughout the region and beyond the County of Peoria and City of Peoria governments.
  3. It shall review all actions of the MetroPeoria Committee.
  • It shall exercise general oversight of the Peoria Riverfront Museum:
  1. It shall review and comment upon those items provided in the Lease and Operating Agreement with Peoria Riverfront Museum, including but not limited to Peoria Riverfront Museum's business plans, capital and operating budgets, Annual Statement of Community Benefit.
  2. It shall initiate all actions of the County exercising powers under the Lease and Operating Agreement.
  • It shall consider and report on such matters that shall be referred to it from time to time by the County Board.
  • It shall exercise continuous oversight of litigation involving Peoria County.
  • It shall oversee the GAP Loan Program and all other economic development plans and programs.
  • It shall consider and recommend matters to promote the industrial, commercial, residential, and recreational development of Peoria County.
  • It shall oversee the work of the Advisory Committee on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development.
  • It shall receive all communications or reports from the County Auditor.

Offices Considered

The business of the following offices is considered by the Executive Committee:

  • County Administrator
  • Economic Development 
  • Communications
  • County Board
  • General County
  • County Auditor
  • MetroPeoria Committee
  • Peoria Riverfront Museum
  • Joint Commission on Racial Equity and Justice
  • Advisory Committee for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development