Premise Alert Program

Peoria County and the City of Peoria have developed a uniform document that provides a method to alert first responders to the functional needs of individuals in their communities. The Premise Alert Program is designed for anyone with a special need, health challenge, or disability who would like to inform first responders such as police, ambulance, and fire personnel of their needs in advance of an emergency in an effort to expedite the emergency response.

Program for Peoria County Individuals or Families

This Premise Alert Program is for individuals or families living in Peoria County, including the City of Peoria, who would like to enroll themselves or a family member with a special need, health challenge, or disability. Some examples include visual or hearing impairment, physical or developmental disability, Autism, Alzheimer's, mental health challenges, or brain injury.

Individuals or families who would like to participate in the Premise Alert Program are encouraged to download the document (PDF) and submit it to the City of Peoria.

Complete and submit the signed form in one of the following ways:

  • Mail:
    Premise Alert Program
    542 SW Adams Street
    Peoria, IL 61602
  • Email (after scanning)
  • Fax:  309-494-8034