How is rabies controlled?

The spread of rabies is most effectively controlled by vaccinating domestic animals against the disease. All dogs and cats in Peoria County are required by law to be currently vaccinated against rabies. All animal bites to humans that occur in Peoria County must be reported to our office. By law, any time a domestic animal bites a human in Peoria, it must be observed by a licensed veterinarian for rabies. The owners of biting animals are notified of this responsibility by Peoria County Animal Control. Veterinarians notify us when owners bring their animals in for the observation. Owners who do not comply are cited and must appear before a judge to answer the charge. Fines start at $75.

Any time a wild animal bites a human in Peoria, it must be euthanized. A sample of brain tissue is transported to the Animal Disease Laboratory to be tested for the presence of the virus.

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5. How is rabies controlled?
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